Embroidery machine that features a large 10.1-inch dahao touchscreen display with 12 needles.

The Inkstyle two head embroidery machine is a popular choice for businesses due to its large sewing area and high speed. With a 12-needle design, it allows for efficient and precise stitching on a variety of materials, including caps, jackets, and bags. The machine also features an automatic thread trimmer, built-in USB port, and easy-to-use control panel, making it a great option for both experienced embroiderers and beginners. Additionally, its compact design makes it ideal for businesses with limited space.

Accessories included

  • Table Top
  • Operation Manual
  • Tool Kit

Hoops included:

  • 2 sets of front hoops of 9cm (3.50″) for each head
  • 2 sets of front hoops of 12cm (4.70″) for each head
  • 2 sets of front hoops of 15cm (5.90″) for each head
  • 2 sets of front hoops of 20cm (9″) for each head
  • 2 sets of square hoops of 29cm x 29cm (11.80″ x 11.80″) for each head
  • 2 sets of square hoops of 54cm x 35cm (21″ x 14″) for each head

Cap Attachments included:

  •  2 x wide angle 270° cap driver for each machine
  • 1 x cap hooping station for each machine
  • 4 x cap frames for each head

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